1. Choose your Design Package and Send Payment
We deliver results fast, we like to get paid up front. To make sure we don't have to honor our guarantee, we work hard to deliver the best possible results.

2. Complete Our Questionnaire
By completing the questionnaire, you also accept that any design concept we come up with is our property until you sign the release authorization - basically saying you want the logo and will not make a claim for our money back guarantee.

3. Request Confirmation
We'll send you a request for confirmation with what we have in mind based on your answers to the questionnaire to make sure we are both on the same page for what you have in mind.

4. Review Your Logo
Within 12 hours of receiving your confirmation, you'll have a beautiful logo that you will love. If you have any revision requests, this is the time to give your feedback.

5. Completion
Based on your package, we'll work with you until you love your logo. Or you can request a refund, go somewhere else, pay more, wait days, and probably still not get something you like. Work with us, we'll get it right.


We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at